5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

Possibly the most loved rooms in every house, our kitchens are like the Grand Central Stations of our homes. It’s more than just an area used to cook and eat food. Our kitchen tends to be where we hang out, catch up, open the mail and generally just sit and chill. So it’s obviously important that it stays clean and maintained, for sanitary and social reasons alike.

 Here are five signs your kitchen needs an upgrade:

1. Cluttered Countertop

Ideally, your counters should be free of clutter, and everything you need on a daily basis must be accessible. If more than fifty percent of your counter surface isn’t visible, it’s definitely time to up your kitchen game. Clear countertops create an airy environment that makes kitchen time feel more relaxed and cooking time quicker. You can either reorganize your cabinet space for more storage or get extra counters installed, if possible, to enable a clutter-free countertop.

 2. Wear and Tear

Quite obvious since it’s probably the most popular area in the house, kitchens are prone to looking worn down and damaged before the rest of the rooms. Routine cleaning can take care of the usual required maintenance, but some damage is beyond that.

Water damage from the fridge or a dishwasher leakage, for example, can create molds on the floors. Cracked and peeled countertops and floors can attract and house dangerous bacteria that you wouldn’t want around your food, of all things.

If you notice any of these problems peeking in your kitchen, your kitchen might need an upgrade to more durable material.

3. Disorganized Kitchen

Does looking for utensils and appliances take longer than actually cooking? If yes, something’s definitely not right there. A fresh upgrade might make your life easier so you can organize your kitchen, have easy access to anything you might need and actually the time spent cooking.

4. Outdated appliances

Older models of kitchen appliances are typically big, bulky and noisy. Switching to newer models may be a more energy efficient and safer option for your kitchen. Might seem heavy on the pocket, but this one time cost would definitely be worth it in the long run. Just make sure you hire a professional electrician to handle the wiring and avoid getting electrocuted.

5. Difficulty Selling the House

If you’re trying to sell your house and don’t find yourself very successful at that task, it might be because your kitchen needs an upgrade. Most people judge the rest of the house based on the kitchen. A nice fix would make the house move-in ready and more appealing to buyers who would be saved of the hassle of remodeling; so you’ll be able to up your selling price while making your house more attractive.

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