Design Ideas Every Small Kitchen Needs

While a cozy little home is appealing to many, a tiny kitchen may seem restrictive especially for those who like cooking or baking and hosting dinner parties. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to hold back on decorating or playing master chef though. With these classic design ideas, your little kitchen will have you feeling like top chef instantly!

Be smart about the layout

Make your kitchen an efficient space with wall to wall cabinets and roomy countertops. Perhaps you could try to incorporate a breakfast bar in your layout that could also work as a seating area for your meals as well as your work station for all the chopping work. If you wish to host a bigger group, you could use a foldable table that can be tucked away when it’s not in use.

Open shelving is another great way to add a modern touch while making the most of your utility space. The open shelves will help illuminate the room without making it look too overcrowded, and also give you extra space for storage.

Neutral Paints

Painting your kitchen a light, neutral color will make it seem bigger and give it an overall fresh look. If you have a dining table and chairs, using the same paint on them as the walls would help make the kitchen look more open and spacious\

Large Tiles

By default you might wish to pick out small tiles to go with your small kitchen, but actually getting larger tiles in light colors would be a wise decision. That would help create an illusion of a larger space. Steer clear of dark colored, overly patterned small tiles to keep your kitchen from looking smaller than it is.

Storing Accessories

Kitchens are only fully functional with a whole bulk of accessories. Try to be minimalistic about what you buy and stick to the things you need. Purchasing combinational machines which serve multiple functions like a food factory would help keep you from collecting numerous appliances. Look for smaller and compact options which are easier for you to store when you’re done using them. 

Also another space efficient tip is to hang your pots, mugs and tea towels onto hooks on the walls, so you can utilize your cabinet and shelf space for other accessories.

Your cozy little kitchen can instantly look spacious using these tips and tricks. Looking for add-ons to help implement these ideas? Look no further. Start online shopping for kitchen products at House Depot USA right away and choose from top brands like Kohler to decorate your kitchen and have it look nothing short of a top chef’s.

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