How To Add Luxury And Design To Your Small Spaced Bathrooms?

If you can reach the sink while taking a shower, then chances are  you have trouble navigating around the bathroom.

A small bathroom comes as a challenging situation for home owners who like spacious rooms. With smart spacing, the placement of bathroom sink and bathtub can make your bathroom seem bigger.

Corner Out Your Sink

Corner Out Your Sink

Sinks can take up a lot of space and hinder movement. You can free the floor space by installing a corner sink in your bathroom. The best corner for your sink would be across the toilet, rather than the bathtub or shower.

Placing toilet and sink in one corner provides sufficient space for the bath/shower door to open and close.

Curtains Over Doors

Non-sliding doors take up a lot of space; you can replace them with a trendy shower curtain or a sliding glass door, if you want to spend a little extra money.

Despite the benefits of a shower door, small spaces look best with minimum furniture and simple accessories, so avoid adding doors as they give a cramming effect to your bathroom.

Levitate The Vanity

As mentioned earlier you need to free up floor space, so look for items that can be mounted on the wall. Use the wall to support your vanity and toilet supplies, this limits crowding to the periphery of the room, instead of occupying the middle ground.

 Additional benefit of wall mounted vanity is that you can clean the floor thoroughly without the furniture or fixture blocking your way.

Circular Vanity

Circular Vanity

Have you ever noticed how a rectangular table fills up the room, on the other hand, an oval or a circular table does the same job in half the space. You can apply the same logic to your vanity. Moreover, small spaces and sharp edges can be a hazardous combination for your feet and hips, so opt for round vanity.

Running Counters

Can’t add multiple cabinets in a small bathroom? Try extending wooden, stone, or ceramic slabs across the wall. You can extend an L-shaped counter from your corner sink to the toilet, to create a storage space for toiletries and cleaning supplies. This will serve as a minimalistic storage solution without cluttering your bathroom.

Create Illusion

You can give illusion of space by adding pattern to your wall. You can add stripes to your bathroom wall to make the room look wider.

Long Mirrors

You can also stretch mirrors across the vanity wall to bring length to your room. This allows two people to use the mirror at the same time with some elbow room to spare.

Mount the Towel

Since the sink and vanity is taking up wall space, install the towel hanger outside of the shower door. Although, you will need to store the remaining stock of towels in a separate cabinet, but you will always have the bare minimum towel supply within the reach of your hand.

Mounted Trough Sinks

If your bathroom lacks width, then use bathroom supplies that are longer in design, like trough sinks. Their long design provides functionality, style, and sufficient space for foot traffic as well.

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