How To Color Coordinate Your Sinks And Faucets?

Browsing through the fancy home and fashion catalog, you might yearn for a fancy kitchen to cook in, or a luxurious bath to soak in after a nerve-racking day.

But even on paper, the design and style end up looking expensive. Well, that’s not the case; you can also remodel your kitchen and bath with few simple changes.

With few changes and clean-up, you can have a new and improved kitchen and bathroom in no time. But before you begin keep the following things in your mind.

Focus On This

Fixtures are an important aspect of kitchen and bath; they are the feature that can make your room pop.

This includes sinks, faucets, and essential such as knobs. Fixtures come in variety of material, design, and colors; you can bring aesthetic sense to your bath and kitchen by following a color or design theme.

These may seem small compared to your tub or the oven, but color and style synchronization can alter the complete look of your rooms.

Attention On The Line Of Sight

Attention On The Line Of Sight

When you enter your kitchen, certain things may hold your attention instantly, like the cabinets and the sink.

These things are in close proximity, which makes cohesion in design and color a necessity.

This provides uniformity and consistency in theme to your space and increases the kitchen’s appeal.

Sinks are usually manufactured in black, white, or stainless steel, which limits your color options for faucets and cabinets. Therefore, it’s better to go for stainless as many colors can be matched with it.

To get a unique look, it’s not necessary that the faucets and hardware match; you can also go for a color contrast. Choose a finish and design that provides a flow to your kitchen and bathroom.

For bathroom faucets, you can pick matching finishes if you want to achieve a diverse look. You can shop from various brand and get a customized look for your bathroom.

Make Cabinet Your Inspiration

As mentioned earlier cabinets lie in the line of sight, you can make them the center of attention and plan the rest of the accessories around it.

Cabinets come in multiple colors and finishes, such as, cherry, mahogany, and oak wood. You can work around the color stains and wood grains to make the correct faucet and sink choice.

Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

You can save money with the choice of faucet’s finish.

Different finishes can be purchased on different prices, black being the most expensive. Create a mixture of your choice to achieve a diverse look for your bathroom or kitchen.

If you are working on a budget, opt for chrome finish for the major part of the room and use accent or black finish for hooks, mirror or faucet.

To complete any look, effective lighting is a must. Add stylish lights to your kitchen and bathroom to add style and luxury.

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