Making Sense of Kitchen Faucets – A Guide to Choosing the Right Faucet

When remodeling a home, you don’t really think about the faucets of your kitchen sink until the contractor questions you. But as small as faucets may be, compared to the rest of your interiors, if you pick the right ones, they can add some oomph to your kitchen.

Not sure how to pick the best faucet for your kitchen? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Number of controls

Faucet & sink compatibility

 A kitchen faucet will come with either one of two controls.

Single control faucets: These combine hot and cold water with the use of a rotating valve. It’s installed by drilling a single hole into the counter. Some single-control faucets come with a faucet for a tap, as well as a separate side-spray, these will require the drilling of 2-3 holes in the counter.

Faucets with two controls: These require come with separate levers for hot and cold water. The handles can be spokes or levers and will usually require 3 holes to be drilled into the counter. An extra hole will be needed for a side spray.

Unless you’re building a very large kitchen with big sinks, a single control faucet is the way to go. It saves space and it’s just more practical in the kitchen where you often just have one-free hand.

2. Faucet & sink compatibility

Understand that faucets and sinks are two different items and not all faucets are compatible with all kinds of sinks. You may want a specific kind of faucet but it may not fit with the kind of sink you have.

Ask your contractor about the size and specifications of the kind of faucets that will work best with your sink before you go and pick one. You’ll need to consider the scale (height of the faucet), stem (base of the faucet), projection (the reach of the water from the spout) and operation (single or two controls) of the faucet before you make your purchase.

3. The need of a sprayer

Modern sprayers

 Sprayers are designed to give you more control when washing dishes or taking water from the tap.

Modern sprayers come in all shapes and sizes. Some faucets have inbuilt sprayers in the head that can be switched on with the help of a button or turning the rim of the faucet. Others have separate that will have to be installed next to the main faucet.

4. The look of your faucet

This is the easy part; today, there is an array of faucet styles in the market that you can pick from.

Modern faucets are made of a range of metals including nickel, chrome, brass, bronze and stainless steel. Colored faucets are usually made out of enameled plastics. Ask your contractor about the pros and cons of the different materials before picking one. Generally faucets with a greater quantity of brass are of better quality.

If you need some inspiration for choosing the color and design of your kitchen faucet, browse though magazines and the Internet.

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