Making The Kitchen Look Bigger

Of all the parts of a house where creative sleight of hand can have the biggest aesthetic impact, the kitchen tops them all. This is especially true when you have a smaller kitchen and you struggle to make it look bigger with small details every day.

You have tried making it lighter, more vibrant, but there’s plenty more you can do to make it appear larger.

Here are a few insider tips to add more perceived square footage to your kitchen:

Go For Low Contrast Colors

The very first thing you should do is bring the cabinets and preferably the countertops in the same color family. Consider repainting the walls as well to create a low contrast, uniform look. If you have the budget, go for appliances that fall within the same color range.

Choose Flooring With Elongated Patterns

Floors with elongated patterns have long been used to grab attention and lengthwise and have eyes run vertically, making rooms look bigger. The same idea can be applied to the walls in your kitchen for a similar effect.

However, don’t forget to keep the patterns horizontal for maximum effect; diagonal patterns would have a more stunted visual effect. Also, if you’re unable to change the floor you can go for rugs, patterned runners and vinyl prints for a similar effect.

Go Shiny

You might be aware how using mirrors strategically can help change our perception of space. You can pull off the same trick with shiny, chrome fixtures including appliances, kitchen sink faucets and glossy flooring.

Glass/Open Cabinets

The whole idea behind adding perceived square footage to your kitchen is making everything more accessible and easy to reach, no barriers. Choosing glass cabinets or even open cabinet spaces does that flawlessly. Rather than the bulky, closed cabinets, glass cabinets give off an airy, lighter feel.

Visual Clutte

Yes, keep things tidy and in their place but also try cutting down unnecessary decorations and maintaining clean lines. Avoid going for corbels, instead go for the minimal look. Smaller, sleeker metal hardware and trendy cabinet fronts are available across most kitchen accessory collections and stores.

Yes, living with a small kitchen can be tough but don’t forget that there’s plenty of room for improvement if you know what to do and how to do it.

If you are currently on the lookout for the best places to purchase kitchen cabinets and other hardware, look no further. We have a variety of cabinets and laminate flooring options specifically designed for smaller kitchens. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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