Picking A Cooking Range Hood For Your Kitchen

Who says you need to stick with the Meat-ball Mondays and white sauce spaghetti Saturday routine? Why not have your favorite cuisines throughout the week by making sure that your kitchen is well equipped?

Hands down, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you have a big family or a home that hosts million parties and reunions, then your kitchen is used frequently days in and out.

Cooking can increase heat and buildup smoke in your kitchen, but with the help of a cooking range hood you can filter out the air, leaving your kitchen feeling and smelling fresh. But the efficiency of your range hood is highly dependent on your cooking habits and kitchen design.

Here is a list of things you need to consider before buying a cooking range hood.

What’s Your Cooking Habit/Schedule?

Determine the frequency of your kitchen use, ask yourself these questions

  • How often do we eat home cooked meals?
  • How often do you cook?
  • What is the average preparation time?
  • Do you follow easy recipes or difficult one?
  • Do you cook small meals or ones that require a lot of frying, grilling, or deep boiling?

If you prepare small meals twice or thrice a week, then a cabinet mounted hood will be perfect. On the other hand, you should consider investing in a professional cooking range hood, if you cook versatile meals that have a long preparation time.

Do You Have The Space?

A crammed kitchen can be a cook’s nightmare, and over accessorizing with bulky equipment makes matters worse. The shaft attached to your cooking range takes up a lot of space horizontally and vertically. If your cooking range is placed in a kitchen island then the shaft will remain exposed, whereas if the cooking range is mounted on a wall, the shaft can be incorporated in the kitchen architecture. Hence, keep the kitchen dimensions in mind when buying a hood.

Where Will Be The Shaft’s Outlet?

The smoke and grime that the shaft filters needs an outlet. The best option is to vent the smoke and moisture outside the home, so place the cooking range near a vent with outside access. If you live in a multi-story house and can’t vent the moisture and smoke outside, then chances of fixture damage is very high.

Will It Complement Your Kitchen’s


Kitchen hoods are more often than not, the highlight of your kitchen. The color of the floor, cabinets and fixtures will determine the style and design of your kitchen hood. You can keep it simple and functional with a low-profile design or take an elaborate approach and opt for a contemporary design.

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