Wheaton River Series Square Shower Drain 5L

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The Wheaton River Series features an elegant chrome finish with wide-gapped drain inlets for seamless flow and easy cleaning. It is also available in various sizes.

Item Number : SWN050504
Manufactured by DAWN / Wheaton River Series
Size : 5-1/4"L x 5-1/4"W x 3-1/8"D
Finsh : Polished satin
Material : 304 type Stainless Steel
  • Guage: 6G Horizontal Rail / 11G Vertical Rail
  • Drain: 2"
  • Contemporary Pattern
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • Strongly recommend to install the shower drain with Dawn shower drain base
  • Shower Drain Filter SDDF48000 included
  • Limited Life Time
  • Contemporary

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